ProSat Reports

Using the data gathered from your providers, AMGA generates a comprehensive report which benchmarks your organization against other medical groups, academic practices, and other healthcare organizations across the country via easily interpreted, concise, summary statistics. You find out how you compare to the AMGA norm and best practice (95th percentile) benchmarks on each dimension of provider satisfaction. The report is broken down into three sections (overall group, specialty, and site results) to accommodate the needs of the leadership at each level of your organization. Responses from individual providers remain confidential. (Click on hyperlinks below to view sample graphics.)

Map Helps Prioritize Your Change Efforts

Using your clinic's percentile rankings on the 12 dimensions of provider satisfaction, AMGA will prepare a Targeting Improvement Map for your organization that visually highlights:

  • Your organization's strengths (dimensions in the top half of the map)
  • Your organization's weaknesses (dimensions in the bottom half of the map)
  • Areas for improvement that are highly correlated with overall provider satisfaction (dimensions which fall in the bottom right quadrant). Improvement in these areas is likely to lead to significant improvements in overall satisfaction.

In addition, your report will contain detailed analysis of your overall group, including drill-down analysis for each site and specialty where we receive three or more responses.

Overall Medical Group Results

Detailed reports benchmark the aggregate results for all of your providers against the AMGA norm and best practice benchmarks to help you identify areas for improvement. This section of the report includes:

Site and Specialty Results

Formatted similarly to the overall medical group results, these sections focus exclusively on specific specialties and sites, allowing you to drill down into your organization to identify issues that lead to varying levels of satisfaction for specific specialties and sites.

If your group participates in subsequent survey cycles, results from previous rounds will also be given for each site, each specialty, and your overall medical group, allowing you to assess improvements over time.

Have questions or need assistance?  Please contact Mark Miller at 703.838.0033 ext. 363.