How ProSat Works

AMGA 's Provider Satisfaction Benchmarking Program makes it easy for your group to participate. 

Step 1: Contact AMGA to receive start-up materials

  • Choose the survey cycle that is best for your organization (for details go to the Schedule page).
  • Print out and complete a copy of AMGA's Survey Registration Form.
  • Contact Mark Miller at (703) 838-0033 ext. 363 to receive information on submitting your "provider profiles", as well as a template for completing them.

Step 2: Decide whether to use paper surveys or AMGA's web-based survey tool

  • With paper surveys, providers are sent a copy of the survey and a stamped, addressed return envelope, so that they can confidentially return the survey directly to AMGA.
  • With the web survey, AMGA will email each provider a personalized, confidential link to the survey website.
  • Your group must choose either the paper survey or the web-based survey option for all providers.

Step 3: Submit survey registration form and provider profiles to AMGA

  • Profiles include basic information about your providers, such as their specialty, work site, and email address (if using the web survey).

Step 4: If using the web survey, send in your cover letters

  • Create the content of the notices to be sent to your providers via email by AMGA, including the initial memo announcing the opening of the survey, two reminder notices to be sent to nonrespondents, and a thank you message that is delivered to the provider upon submission of a completed survey.

Step 5: Submit up to five custom questions (optional)

  • Optional extra questions enable your group to obtain information on issues not tapped into by the survey, or explore survey content in greater detail.

Step 6: One week before the survey period begins, send your providers a pre-notification memo to inform them of the approaching survey and to urge their participation.

Step 7: Survey your providers

  • Survey period lasts for five weeks.

  • If using paper surveys, your group will be responsible for dissemination of all scheduled communications to your providers.

For detailed information on the survey's procedures, download the Provider Satisfaction Survey Protocol.