ESat Survey Content

To measure your employees' satisfaction with their work lives, the survey focuses on the 10 key dimensions listed below. The 58 core items of the survey that measure these 10 dimensions ask your employees to rate their satisfaction on 5-point Likert scales. The survey takes 15 minutes to complete. Employees are guaranteed confidentiality, thereby ensuring that they can freely express themselves.

  • Employee Engagement: This portion of the survey examines the employee's use of discretionary effort and willingness to go the extra mile. Other elements of this dimension examine how interested the employee is in contributing to company success, and how strong the employee's emotional bond is with the organization.
  • Growth Opportunities: This dimension focuses on the possibilities for advancement and professional growth.  Items in the survey cover such questions as if the employee has opportunities for personal growth, and if professional advancement within the organization is supported.
  • Health Benefits: Questions in this dimension address how satisfied the employee is with their health and other medically-related benefits. This includes whether the coverage provided is as good as other organizations they have worked for, and if the health benefits meet the employee's needs.
  • Leaves: The items in this dimension hone in on how satisfied the employee is with the amount and types of leave given.
  • Pay: This dimension examines how satisfied the employee is with their level of pay and the fairness of the pay system's policies and procedures.
  • Personal Relationships: The employee's attitudes toward their fellow employees is covered in this dimension.  Examples of the issues that are touched on are whether employees collaborate effectively, if trust each other, and the degree of teamwork between departments.
  • Physician Interactions: Questions in this dimension focus on the employee's experience with physicians in the medical group.  This includes items specifically addressing if physicians treat other employees with respect, and if physicians communicate effectively with employees.
  • Rewarding Work: This dimension assesses the extent to which employees find their work to be fulfilling.  Is the work viewed as challenging, enjoyable, worthwhile, and stimulating?
  • Supervision: Questions in this dimension of the survey track the attitudes toward the employee's direct supervisor and the quality of within-departmental interactions.  These questions measure satisfaction with goal and objective setting; whether the supervisor engages in fair, supportive and respectful behavior toward employees; clarity and adequacy of communications with employees; and the extent of encouragement and reinforcement of successful performance by the supervisor.
  • Workload: Focusing on how demanding the employee's responsibilities are, this dimension asks about the level of the employee's workload, and if it frequently overflow into their non-work life.

In addition to the questions related to the 10 dimensions, included in the survey are questions regarding overall satisfaction, how long the employee plans to stay with the company, and if the employee would recommend the company as a good place to work.

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