ESat Reports

AMGA will quickly analyze your medical group's employee survey data and produce a comprehensive report which benchmarks your organization against other medical groups across the country. The report will consist of simple, clear summary statistics. Norms and best practice (95th percentile) benchmarks will be provided for each of the dimensions underpinning the Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey. The final report will have four primary levels of analysis (overall medical group, job category, manager/supervisor, and site), thereby providing a complete depiction of how satisfied and engaged your employees are. Responses from individual employees remain confidential.

Final reports will include the following:

Overall Medical Group Results

The section of the report devoted to the aggregate results for your group as a whole will display your results in comparison to the corresponding AMGA norms and best practice benchmarks, so you can identify areas in need of improvement. This section of the report will provide:

  • A summary of how your medical group compares on each dimension of employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Dimension results broken down by age, gender, tenure, and job level, thereby allowing the medical group to evaluate how satisfaction and engagement varies for each grouping.
  • Results for each survey question.
  • Targeting improvement map, which shows what areas are most likely to improve overall job satisfaction.

Site, Manager/Supervisor, and Job Category Results

Sections comparable to the overall medical group results will be provided for your medical group's different sites, managers/supervisors, and job categories. These results will allow you to more precisely determine which areas are most responsible for differing levels of job satisfaction or employee engagement.

By participating in subsequent survey cycles, your medical group will be able to determine if there are any cross-time trends in your data. Results from the most recent prior survey will be presented with your ‘current' results for your group as a whole, as well as for each available site, manager/supervisor, and job category.

Questions? Contact Mark Miller at 703.838.0033 ext. 337 for more information.