How ESat Works

Getting involved in AMGA's Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey is straightforward.

Step 1: Contact AMGA to receive start-up materials

  • Choose the survey cycle that is best for your organization.
  • Print out and complete a copy of AMGA's Survey Registration Form.
  • Contact Mark Miller at (703) 838-0033 ext. 363 to receive information on submitting your "employee profiles", as well as a template for completing them.

Step 2: Submit survey registration form and employee profiles to AMGA

  • Profiles include basic information about the employees to be surveyed, their work sites, and the individuals in your organization who have supervisory/managerial responsibilities.

Step 3: Send in your survey cover letters and up to five custom questions (optional).

  • Cover letters include the initial survey invitation, two reminders that are sent to non-respondents, and a thank you message that is delivered to the employee upon completion of the survey.
  • Optional extra questions can allow you to go explore in more detail survey areas of particular interest, or to delve into topics not addressed by the survey.

Step 4: One week prior to the survey start, send your employees a pre-notification letter to alert them to the upcoming survey and to urge their participation.

Step 5:  Survey your employees.

  • Web-based survey is secure, easy to use, and assures respondents of complete confidentiality thereby allowing them to provide completely candid assessments.
  • Survey period lasts for two weeks.

For more detailed description of the survey process, please download the Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Protocol (PDF).