ESat Cost

The base fee is based on the number of employees surveyed, with the base fee for AMGA members being half that of non-members. An organization must be in good membership standing with AMGA at the time of the distribution of the final report to qualify for the member rate.

  • If you wish to add any extra questions, you may add up to 5 at $150 for each extra question.
  • There is also a per employee web survey charge of $5.00, with a maximum web survey charge of $7,500 (at 1,500 employees).

Base Fee 2020

Number of Employees

Member Rates

Non-Member Rates




251 - 500



501 - 1000



1001 - 2000






To get an estimate of your organizations base and web survey fee, click here. In addition to the basic cost of the survey, other possible fees include:

  • $250 survey modification fee (e.g., to change the standard ordering of survey items)
  • $150 per additional email notice sent to employees in excess of the standard three
  • $300 fee for extra copies of final report
  • For special analyses, fees of $200 per hour of work with a minimum charge of $800

QQuestions? Contact Elizabeth Siemsen at for more information..