CTI, Physician Leadership Institute

CTI, Physician Leadership Institute

CTI, Physician Leadership Institute
3802 Spectrum Blvd., Ste. 116
Tampa Bay, FL 33612
Website: https://ctileadership.com/

Contact Information
Name: Mo Kasti
Title: CEO
Phone: (813) 333-1401
Fax: (813) 324-1516
Email: support@ctileadership.org

CTI is a healthcare professional development and consulting organization. We partner with organizations and leaders to achieve strategic objectives in three critical areas – leadership, strategy, and innovation. CTI has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country create agile strategies, develop a high-performing medical staffs, transform their cultures, and realize significant and sustainable clinical and operational improvements. Ultimately, we save lives by training doctors to be effective leaders and engaged members of the team. Our renowned Physician Leadership Institute has prepared thousands of clinicians for leadership roles and helped create cultures of engagement and productivity. We offer a range of solutions for organizations of all sizes and budgets, including webinars, boot camps, fellowships, and coaching..

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