Cecelia Health

Culbert Healthcare Solutions, Inc.355 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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Contact Information:
Daniel Johnson
Marketing Manager
(508) 340-0852

About: Cecelia Health positively transforms the lives of people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Our digital health solution provides remote chronic disease management support at scale for providers, health plans, and other leading healthcare organizations.

At Cecelia, we understand the complexities that providers face when it comes to chronic disease management. Our approach incorporates the optimal mix of clinical interventions, remote monitoring of physiological health indicators, and access to expert clinicians and specialty providers to coordinate care and adjust care plans.

We can complement or integrate with your existing care management efforts programs or serve as the sole provider of remote clinical support. Given that all populations are unique, we work closely with our partners to develop solutions that meet their needs, and our products and services include: Remote Clinical Coaching to support disease state management by providing one on one clinical quality education and lifestyle support as well as behavioral health screenings; Remote Device Coaching & Monitoring to support successful device connected device initiation and provide ongoing monitoring of key physiological indicators; Virtual Diabetes and Behavioral Health clinic to provide telemedicine access to endocrinologists to optimize care plans by supporting dosage & titration changes, delivering behavioral health innervations, and improving care coordination.

Cecelia Health staffs one of the largest teams of expert clinicians in the United States and is licensed to deliver specialty care through a national endocrinology network in all 50 states. Additionally, our diabetes programs are ADCES certified, which is the highest level of recognition that a diabetes management program can attain. Thus, we are structured and certified to bill health plans directly for our services.

We have a strong track of delivering support to people with chronic illness with millions of patient interactions across for some of the most trusted brands in healthcare. Typically, our programs realize positive clinical and financial outcomes such as: 1.5pt Reduction in A1c; 100% Successful Remote Device Initiation & Persistence; 20-30% Increase in Medication Adherence Among Participant Population.