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Contact Information
Kristy Seiber
Vice President of Sales at Boostlingo
Phone: (865) 243-1198

About: At Boostlingo, we're reimagining interpretation through innovative technology that expands language access and improves communication globally.

For healthcare providers, we offer both an interpreter management system for onsite interpreters employed by your practice, and on-demand virtual medical interpretation on any device. Our network of 13,000 interpreters for 300 languages all over the globe represents a chance for your practice to effectively serve more LEP patients.

Boostlingo qualified medical interpreters are HIPAA compliant, have at least 40 hours of medical terminology training, and at least three years of experience. We can serve as the primary language support for your practice, or we can be a backstop for languages of lesser diffusion or replacement if staff is unavailable. Install the Boostlingo application on any device, choose your language, and get connected to a qualified interpreter in seconds.

Additionally, we serve as a great solution for bringing interpreters into your growing telehealth practice with HIPAA-compliant, incredibly secure video conferencing and over the phone interpretation abilities. Our Open API allows your team to integrate the Boostlingo platform directly into your telehealth feed, or use Boostlingo as the main platform for hosting telehealth conferences for your LEP patients.

Providers like Urban Health Plan, Northern Nevada HOPES, Gold Skin Care and more are using Boostlingo to cut costs and increase patient satisfaction, all while making life easier on their entire care team.

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