AMGA 2021 Annual Conference

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Utilizing social media for the AMGA 2021 Annual Conference helps us reach meeting participants and other interested healthcare leaders. We hope you’ll consider mentioning your participation in the conference and your experience onsite in your social media posts to spread the word


AMGA 2021 Annual Conference
Virtual Event
April 20-22, 2021

Suggested Actions

  • Include our official hashtag, #AC21, in posts before, during, and after the conference
  • Tag AMGA using our handles:
  • Share the date, time, and details of your breakout sessions
  • Join the conversation during the conference by posting highlights or retweeting our posts in real-time; consider taking photos during sessions and sharing quotes or takeaways
  • Tag speakers’ handles in your tweets (we’ve provided a list of handles, below)
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For your convenience, we’ve included sample Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts for use on your own social media accounts.

Before the Conference

  • I anticipate #AC21’s keynotes from @diamandis and @dtfeinberg will each provide an insightful part of the roadmap for technology’s future in health care.
  • Excited to see Dr. Zubin “ZDoggMD” Damania /@ZDoggMD is returning as an @theAMGA keynote speaker. After his creative and energizing session in 2019, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for #AC21!
  • I am very interested to hear more from @toyinajayidoc about @cityblockhealth’s unique, SDOH-focused care model, during her #AC21 keynote.
  • @Nashpophealth is arguably one of the best in the business when it comes to deeply and intimately understanding population health, which is why I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say during his #AC21 keynote session.
  • Excited to hear ideas from White House Vaccinations Coordinator @choucair for encouraging vaccinations in our communities and how to inform and teach our patients to remain vigilant in their daily activities.
  • COVID-19 created challenges for every medical group across the country, which is why I will be interested to learn how my peers’ approaches to pandemic problem-solving compared to my own group’s, at #AC21.

During the Conference

  • Attending educational sessions on everything from innovation and technology, population health, patient centered care, health equity, business resiliency, and more at #AC21.
  • #AC21’s keynote is sharing many excellent ideas for remaining vigilant in our efforts to increase the population’s vaccination rates for all diseases, not just COVID-19. 
  • An abundance of interesting ideas coming from the #AC21 panelists who are sharing what their organizations are doing to combat healthcare inequity.
  • COVID-19 proved how fragile the current healthcare system can be, especially when things go wrong. To strengthen the entire system, #AC21 panelists suggest we emphasize building a culture of resiliency.

For Speakers

  • Excited to share my knowledge of [INSERT TOPIC] with AMGA /@theAMGA 2021 Annual Conference attendees as one of this year’s speakers! #AC21
  • Honored to be on the agenda at AMGA /@theAMGA’s 2021 Annual Conference, where I’ll be sharing strategies and solutions on [INSERT TOPIC] with my fellow healthcare leaders. Attendees, join me virtually, on [DATE/TIME]! #AC21

For Solutions Gallery Sponsors

  • Visit the #AC21 Solutions Gallery to learn more about [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE/ETC.]. We’ll be here through the duration of the conference!
  • Visit us in the #AC21 virtual Solutions Gallery to connect, and learn about how [YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE/ETC] can help you [INSERT WHAT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE/ETC. CAN HELP MEDICAL GROUPS ACHIEVE]. We’ll be here through the duration of the conference!

Twitter Handles

For your reference while tweeting about the conference, please find handles for speakers, staff, and Board members below.

General Sessions

  • Dr. Toyin Ajayi: @toyinajayidoc
  • Dr. Peter Diamandis: @PeterDiamandis
  • Dr. Zubin “ZDoggMD” Damania: @ZDoggMD
  • Dr. David Feinberg: @dtfeinberg
  • Dr. David Nash: @nashpophealth
  • Dr. Bechara Choucair: @choucair

AMGA Member Panel Sessions

Future Look: COVID Transformed Us, Now What?

  • Intermountain: @Intermountain
    • (Speaker) Mark Briesacher: @MarkBriesacher
  • Johns Hopkins University, Clinical Practice Assoc: @HopkinsMedicine
  • The Everett Clinic: @everettclinic
  • The Permanente Medical Group: @PermanenteDocs
    • (Speaker) Richard Isaacs: @DrRichardIsaacs

Addressing Care Disparities

  • Summa Health: @SummaHealth
  • Sanford Clinic/Sanford Health: @SanfordHealth
  • Henry Ford Health: @HenryFordNews
  • Sutter Medical Foundation: @SutterHealth

Business Resiliency: The Impact of COVID-19

  • Wilmington Health: @WilmHealth
  • Memorial Care Medical Group: @MemorialCareMG
  • NorthShore University Health System: @NorthShoreWeb

Peer to Peer Breakout Session Speakers

  • Mercy St. Louis: @mercysaintlouis
  • Premier Medical Associates: @PMAMed
    • Francis Colangelo: @colangelo_frank
  • MediSync: @MediSyncHealth
  • HealthPartners: @_HealthPartners
  • Sutter Health: @SutterHealth
  • Emory Healthcare: @emoryhealthcare
  • Summit Medical Group: @SummitMedicalNJ
  • Lehigh Valley Physician Group: @LVHN
  • ChristianaCare: @christianacare

Corporate Partner Breakout Sessions

  • Optum Digital Research Network: @Optum
  • Exact Sciences: @ExactSciences
  • Clinician Experience Project by Practicing Excellence: @prac_excellence
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson: @JanssenUS
  • Phreesia: @phreesia

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