Provider and Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking Program

Create a Culture of High Performance

Delivering high-performance health to your patients depends on the engagement, commitment, and allegiance of your physicians, other clinicians, and staff. Their satisfaction and their alignment with your organization’s mission and goals translate into a superior patient experience that nurtures your patients’ loyalty to you as their partners in health. Empowered providers and staff are critical to succeeding in today’s competitive environment.

The AMGA Provider and Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking Program gives you access to national, valid, peer-based benchmarks of satisfaction among your care providers and employees. These unique benchmarks are based on data from participating organizations similar to your own. By using these benchmarks, you can identify where you need to improve. Our analysis helps you prioritize what to improve.


What Our Members Say

We can help you create a work environment where your providers and staff are productive and engaged, enjoying the work they do and delivering the highest quality care to your patients. Each of them are vital to ensure that all of the components of a successful business come together—from the receptionist at the front desk greeting patients and starting them through their appointment, to the IT technician making sure your secure EMR is running smoothly, to your compliance and coding staff enabling your organization to be financially successful, to the high-performing physicians, nurse practitioners, and other clinical staff who bring the best possible care to your patients.

A culture dedicated to improving the patient experience is essential to your success as a service organization. With our programs, you will know how to improve care, where you need to focus, and if you are succeeding in creating a culture of high performance.

“Austin Regional Clinic has used the AMGA Provider Satisfaction Survey as a benchmark for many years. We find the ease of administration, clarity of the results, and pertinence of the performance categories extremely helpful.”
– Norman H. Chenven, M.D., Founding CEO, Austin Regional Clinic


 Our programs give you tools and support unparalleled in the industry:

  • Comparable benchmarks. National data compares you with other similar organized systems of care.

  • Granular data. Robust reporting with breakouts of data helps you determine where to improve.

  • Actionable data. A targeting improvement map and a priority matrix show what to improve.

  • Excellent response rate. Our surveys average 60%- 70%, with some groups reporting upwards of 90%.

  • Historical comparison. You can track your progress over time with charts comparing performance across survey cycles.

  • Timely reporting. You have your results within three weeks of survey close.

  • Confidentiality. Promotes candor and helps increase the response rate, and open-ended comments reveal enlightening detail.

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable staff. We’re here to assist you throughout the process.

  • Cost-effective pricing. Our pricing structure gives AMGA members substantial discounts.

You need this data to empower your people to succeed. Start creating a culture of high performance today with AMGA’s satisfaction benchmarking programs.