Leadership Council Webinars

The Everett Clinic
Strategic Cost Management: The Quest to Do Less with Less at The Everett Clinic
Mark Mantei, Chief Operating Officer, and Andrea Rodewald, Chief Financial Officer, The Everett Clinic
Leadership Council Webinar Summary, July 23, 2014
The Everett Clinic employed an approach called strategic cost management, under which it would develop a disciplined process for addressing cost reduction, learn new tools and methods for understanding cost reduction opportunities, enhance management capabilities to produce lasting results, and achieve $10 million in labor and non-labor cost savings.

Henry Ford Medical Group and The Jackson Clinic
One Destination, Two Journeys: Call Center Centralization at Henry Ford Medical Group and The Jackson Clinic

Thomas Nantais, Chief Operating Officer, and Cyndy Orrys, Contact Center Director, Henry Ford Medical Group; and Mark Allen, Chief Operating Officer, and Amy Smith, Contact Center Manager, The Jackson Clinic
Leadership Council Webinar Summary, September 4, 2014
Two organizations embarked on similar quests—centralizing their call center operations—sharing similarities and encountering differences.

Vanderbilt Medical Group
Strategic Cost Management: Vanderbilt’s Transformation Journey
David R. Posch, MS, Chief Executive Officer, Vanderbilt Medical Group
Leadership Council Webinar Summary, October 2, 2014
Faced with a decrease of $200 million to $250 million coming into the organization, Vanderbilt Medical Group took a strategic approach to reduce its expenses significantly. Swift strategic planning and timely implementation resulted in in $180 million from identified and implemented changes.

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