Obesity Care Model Collaborative

The AMGA Foundation is pleased to announce a call for participation for AMGA members to participate in an Obesity Care Model Collaborative.

Through the Collaborative, organizations that want to be on the leading edge have the opportunity to team with other high-performing best practice organizations in a national forum. The objective of this program is to develop a working framework and success metrics for obesity state management in a multi-specialty medical group or integrated health system.  The framework will define key programmatic components that enable medical groups and health systems to successfully manage patients who have been diagnosed with obesity.  Success metrics will reflect the Collaborativeā€™s program design and development work. Participating organizations will help develop and refine the framework and success metrics along with the Advisory Committees and AMGA team.

Questions or Comments? If you have questions or need further information, contact Erin Leaver-Schmidt at or by phone at (703) 838-0033, ext. 390.