Our Work

Since our inception in 1966, the Foundation has made tremendous strides in improving our nation’s health through our three signature programs: The Acclaim Award, Best Practices Learning Collaboratives, and the Chronic Care Challenge.

Acclaim Award

Honoring excellence in health care delivery
The Acclaim Award honors high-performing healthcare delivery organizations moving closer to the ideal for medical groups and health systems by meeting the Institute of Medicine’s Aims for Improvement and working toward becoming a High-Performing Health System. Since 1999, Acclaim Award recipients and honorees have exemplified organizational excellence through continuous learning, leading, and innovation. By honoring and sharing their initiatives, we help to spread their best practices to other healthcare organizations.

Best Practices Learning Collaboratives

Tackling chronic illness by creating small communities of knowledge
AMGA Foundation’s Best Practices Learning Collaboratives bring together several member groups to develop solutions for managing specific chronic conditions. We create communities of knowledge where participants meet in-person and virtually to share tools and resources to accelerate systematic change and create breakthroughs in patient care. To date, more than 100 medical groups have participated in our Collaboratives and symposia focusing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple chronic conditions, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, adult immunizations, and heart failure, among others.

Chronic Care Challenge

Mobilizing groups nationwide to address chronic conditions with Measure Up/ Pressure Down® and Diabetes: Together 2 Goal®
The Chronic Care Challenge is the AMGA Foundation’s multi-year initiative to address pressing chronic conditions by harnessing the best practices of AMGA member medical groups and health systems and reversing the staggering burden of chronic disease. Through these campaigns, participating groups address one chronic disease at a time by mobilizing member groups to adopt one or more evidence-based care processes (called “planks”) that lead to measurable improvements. We provide key materials, resources, and guidance to help them achieve clinical goals, and evaluate and measure their progress along the way.