2017 Fall Meetings FAQ

Based on feedback from AMGA members, we are pleased to share changes to our fall meeting lineup which will provide more of the targeted content members have requested. ince this approach differs from the recent past, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions below:

I can't find any information on a 2017 Institute for Quality Leadership (IQL) meeting. When and where is it?
There will be no IQL in 2017.  Rather, we are holding a joint meeting of the Chief Medical Officers, Quality Improvement, and Chief Nursing Officers Leadership Councils, along with the Together 2 Goal® Diabetes Symposium and the Analytics for Improvement (A4i) Collaborative Meeting September 11-15 in Indianapolis.

Why no IQL this year?
Member feedback indicated a preference for more time to network and share ideas specific to their roles and responsibilities. As IQL attendance has grown, members were requesting more time in these highly focused, private meetings to share insights and solutions.

I see that multiple Leadership Councils are meeting at the same time in the same location. How will that be structured?
Each Leadership Council will develop its own agenda and have its own meeting as usual. In addition, we will offer joint session speakers and networking opportunities that appeal to all participants and allow for shared learnings with fellow AMGA members.

Why was Capitol Hill Day moved?
Participants in the Chief Executive Officer/Chair/President Leadership Council and the Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Operating Officer Leadership Council expressed a strong interest in public policy. Combining these Council meetings with our annual Capitol Hill Day and with the Government Relations Leadership Council is a natural fit, but did necessitate moving it to the fall to balance with the spring Leadership Council meetings. We believe that combining these activities will strengthen AMGA’s presence in Washington, DC, and create outstanding opportunities for direct dialogue with elected officials and their staff members in charge of healthcare policy.

Who is eligible to attend each of these activities?

  • Leadership Council meetings: Only Leadership Council members are able to attend these respective meetings with peers. Council membership is available as a complimentary benefit to all AMGA medical group members. While a member doesn't need to have a specific title, the role and duties should match those of the Council.

  • The Together 2 Goal® Diabetes Symposium: The Together 2 Goal® Diabetes Symposium is open to all ADA members and AMGA medical group members, including Together 2 Goal® Primary and Quality contacts, as well as members of the Chief Medical Officer/Medical Director, Chief Nursing Officer, and Quality Leadership Councils, and the A4i Learning Collaborative participants.

  • Capitol Hill Day: Any AMGA medical group member can attend Capitol Hill Day. AMGA staff will brief participants on relevant issues and assist in scheduling meetings with your elected officials.

  • Analytics for Improvement (A4i) Collaborative: Participation in A4i is open to AMGA members using the Optum One analytics platform.

  • Regional Meetings: Regional meeting attendance is limited to AMGA medical group members and the representatives from the sponsoring organizations for each particular meeting.

Additional questions? Contact Beth Sutter.