Membership in AMGA gives your group a voice in shaping the healthcare industry's future and a quantifiable return on investment in networking, advocacy, and leadership development opportunities that can only come from engagement with AMGA.

There are a number of good reasons to join the AMGA. Here are a few:

  • Advocacy - AMGA is your voice in Washington, DC, protecting your interests on the federal legislative and regulatory front by targeting key initiatives affecting your model of care and your patients.

    • Corporate Shield: The collective influence of AMGA's large and prestigious membership representing 170,000+ physicians treating 120 million patients (over 1 in 3 Americans).

    • Testimony and Comment Letters: AMGA promotes the advantages of physicians practicing in, and patients receiving care from, a multispecialty medical group or other organized system of care to legislators and regulators.

    • Face-to-Face Meetings: AMGA meets with members of Congress and their staff and federal agencies on a daily basis regarding initiatives that have a substantial impact on your operations, including reimbursement and the administration of Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs.

    • Experienced Policy Staff: Key legislation and regulations are summarized into a more digestible format allowing you to quickly understand the implications to your business.

    • Grassroots Lobbying: AMGA provides tools that enable you to quickly communicate the benefits of coordinated patient care to your elected representatives.

    • News and Alerts: Timely communications keep you apprised of important updates on federal legislative and regulatory issues.

  • Innovative conferences, meetings, and a wide range of educational opportunities, give you the opportunities learn from the best.

    • National, regional, and topical conferences and webinars follow a case-study format examining best practices so you can avoid costly pitfalls and shorten your learning curve.

    • Leadership Councils give you access to an advisory group of your peers where you can get immediate support and feedback on challenges you may be facing, and access to nearly a decade's worth of educational material and resources vital to your role.

    • Exclusive industry publications offer you relevant and timely articles, composed by healthcare professionals, on a variety of topics including practical tips and useful industry updates to keep you operating at maximum efficiency.

  • Resources and programs help you accelerate performance improvement within your organization.

    • A Solutions Library filled with best practice whitepapers highlighting strategies for successful medical group operation in a concise format.

    • AMGA's Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey gives you a complete picture of medical group provider compensation and productivity from tens of thousands of physicians and hundreds of medical groups.

    • Provider, Patient, and Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Resources provide you with easy-to-implement analytics tools that empower your organization to measure specific drivers of engagement, compare these results with similar industry-leading medical groups, and use this actionable insight to help support a culture of innovation, satisfaction, and quality.

    • The AMGA Analytics data warehouse collaborative provides opportunities to enhance value in population health by tapping into the next generation of comparative data and predictive model analytics, comparisons of in-patient and outpatient clinical and financial data in a quantitative shared learning environment.

    • The Acclaim Award recognizes and rewards medical groups and other organized systems of care that are bringing the American healthcare system closer to the ideal delivery model - one that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

    • Through learning collaboratives, best practice compendiums, and other tools, members develop solutions so others may build upon the programs and continue redesigning care processes to better meet the needs of their patients.