Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How are participants invited? [ Answer ]

  2. How often should I repeat it? [ Answer ]

  3. After I see the results can I invite a new group of participants and receive an updated results analysis? [ Answer ]

  4. After the results are analyzed and provided to us, can we change the role assignment for participants and get an updated results analysis? [ Answer ]

  5. Does the CEO need to be involved? [ Answer ]

  6. Can we start with just the executive team? [ Answer ]

  7. Can you give me examples of the types of questions? Can I get a list of all the questions? [ Answer ]

  8. Are we able to review the questions before we take the assessment? [ Answer ]

  9. Can you share examples of the results analysis I will receive? [ Answer ]

  10. Why do we have to provide email addresses for participants? [ Answer ]

  11. What does a participant do if they forgot their password or experience any issues? [ Answer ]


  1. Can we assign organizational roles to participants that are different than the four recommended roles? [ Answer ]

  2. Are we required to include participants from the entire organization or can we focus on one facility? [ Answer ]

  3. Can we limit participation to only our ambulatory group(s)? [ Answer ]

  4. Can we participate with less than 45 participants? [ Answer ]

  5. Can we participate if we only have participants from one of the proposed roles (e.g., only Executive Leaders or only Direct Care Providers)? [ Answer ]

  6. Can I include individuals from partner organizations? [ Answer ]

  7. How do I get high participation rates? [ Answer ]


  1. Can I get benchmarking to see how my organization compares to similar organizations? [ Answer ]

  2. Is there a benchmark against which we should measure ourselves with this assessment? [ Answer ]


  1. Does the Assessment work with all web browsers? [ Answer ]

  2. How was this developed and validated? [ Answer ]