AMGA Assessment Program for High-Performing Health Systems

About the Program

Think of the AMGA Assessment Program as the first step in your MACRA and risk journey from fee-for-service to new performance metrics and payment models. Your organization’s situation is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” formula for creating a financially sustainable health system that achieves the goals of better health, improved care experience, and reduced costs. 

Realizing that medical groups and health systems need a means to evaluate their ability to succeed under new risk-based payment models, AMGA and The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) created a practical assessment tool to help you gauge your status and progress.

More than just a survey, this robust Assessment Program offers detailed analyses of capability and capacity at multiple levels of your organization, giving a real-time view of your organization’s journey towards becoming a high-performing health system.  Additionally, the Program provides actionable intelligence to facilitate your organization’s changeover to value-based care and risk-based reimbursement.

The Goal

The AMGA Assessment Program uses the seven attributes of AMGA’s definition of a High-Performing Health System™ as the framework for a system-wide strategy for improving the quality and efficiency of care while lowering costs.  The Assessment Program enables health system leaders to:

  • Gauge variation in perceptions of the organization’s capability to achieve value-based care

  • Prioritize a strategy for transitioning to value-based payment

  • Promote accountability by defining clear improvement targets

  • Establish a culture of continuous learning


  • The AMGA Assessment Program identifies meaningful variation across organizations and professional roles―highlighting the “gaps” and “blind spots” for system leaders.

  • It identifies where to begin the value-based journey, even if your market is still predominantly fee-for-service, and provides a tool and baseline for ongoing refinement and assessment.

  • The Program is useful as an education and engagement tool for leaders and employees.

  • It supports continuous learning and collaborative, team-based care.

How It Works
The AMGA Assessment Program follows these basic steps:

  • A limited number of senior leaders participate in an orientation webinar.

  • A mix of executive and clinical leaders from multiple levels of the organization and direct healthcare providers complete the 20-minute, web-based assessment.  We recommend at least 40 participants (including at least 15 healthcare providers) for optimal results, but size of the participating group will vary depending on your organization’s size and composition.

  • Senior leaders attend a review session with AMGA and TDI to discuss insights that may identify improvement strategies

What Is Included

  • A web-based assessment based on insights from the latest Dartmouth and industry research and lessons from AMGA members

  • Executive scorecards and multiple-level reports with actionable information

  • Supporting materials that define value-based terms, and provide references and case studies

  • Deployment support for executives, including communication templates, kick-off webinars, and results review sessions

How to Participate
Because we understand how vital it is that you succeed in new payment models,  AMGA is offering the Assessment Program as a complimentary benefit of membership. To get started, click here.