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Shared Tools & Documents

HF Program Updates
Action Plan Deadlines

Provider/ Staff Education

Heart Failure Readmission Report
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

2013 ACCF/AHA Guideline Summary
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Intravenous Diuretic Therapy for Management of Heart Failure and Volume Overload in a Multidisciplinary Outpatient Unit
The American College of Cardiology Foundation

NECPAL CCOMS-ICO Tool Version 1.0
Tool to identify Advanced Terminal patients in need palliative care within health and social services
Seattle Heart Failure Model

The Seattle Heart Failure Model (SHFM) is a calculator of projected survival at baseline and after interventions for patients with heart failure.

Five Wishes
Aging with Dignity
Heart Failure with Better Ejection Fraction: A Modern Diagnosis
Lynne Warner Stevenson, MD

Care Community Management Pillar: Activating Patients In and Out of the Health System
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Care Community Management Pillar: Managing Your Heart Failure in the Community

Care Community Management Pillar Video

Communication Pillar: Enabling Consistent and Effective Dialogue Between Patients and Providers
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Communication Pillar: My Daily Heart Failure Checklist

Communication Pillar Video

Heart Failure Treatment Algorithm 
Summit Medical Group 

Heart Failure Management in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Journal of Cardiac Failure

Patient Education

Patient Heart Failure Modules
American Heart Association

Heart Failure Care & Treatment
Cleveland Clinic

Heart Failure Education Sheets
Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association

Lost in Transition: Keeping Heart Failure Patients from Falling Through Cracks
Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association
Caring for Your Heart: Living Well with Heart Failure
Heart Partner App
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Rise Above Heart Failure Brochure
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
HF and Your Ejection Fraction Explained
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
The Caregiver's Guidebook
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Resource Links

Study finds sugar-sweetened drinks may raise heart risks
HealthDay News (9/28)
Case study suggests caution using antibiotics in patients with HF
USPSTF drafts statin recommendations in line with ACC/AHA guidelines
Reuters (12/21)
CDC: Heart failure-related death rate rises following 10-year decline
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Data Briefs
Heart failure patients see benefits with diet, exercise, study says
HealthDayNews (1/5)
Women with health failure benefit from ICDs, but are less likely to have one placed
HealthDayNews (1/12)
Statin use before, after cardiac surgery linked to better outcomes
Medical News Today (1/12)