Group Practice Journal

November/December 2016

Improving Patient Access and Experience
Deep Understanding of “Voice of the Customer”
By Naser M. Chowdhury, P.E., LSBB, and James Demopoulos, M.H.A.
Lehigh Valley Health Network addresses patient access and experience challenges by introducing Lean and Six Sigma approaches.

Publisher’s Comment
Join Us for High Performance Transformation
By Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE

Industry Insights
HTN Prevalence Disparities

In Washington
Is the Transition to Value Slowing?
By Chester A. Speed, J.D., LL.M., and Alison Graziano, M.S.

Overcoming the Paper Problem
Big Data Shapes Policy; Small Data Saves Lives
By Jim Boswell
Service-enabled solutions providers are taking on the operational burden for providers, from the back office to the exam room.

Handle Transitions with Care
How to Improve Referrals in Value-Based Models
By Martha Thorne
Technology has a vital role in the shift to value-based payment models.

Ready to Go
Piloting a Telemedicine Service
By Paul Louiselle, M.A., FACHE, and Marisa Yliniemi
Pediatric Surgical Associates pilots use of telemedicine services within their independent practice.

Not a Walk in the Park
Recruiting the Small Town Doc
By Van Allen
To attract and retain exceptional medical personnel, start by rethinking the hiring process, consistently focusing on the candidate, and following a series of best practices.

Foundation Cornerstone
Premier Medical Associates Receives 2016 Acclaim Award

Disorganized and Arbitrary?
Robust Health Information Exchanges Connect the Pieces
By Pam Clarke and Jennifer Natale
HIE HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. leverages technology to expedite information sharing between hospitals and physician practices.

Promise and Perils of Mobile Health
Dangers in Digitizing Legacy Volume-Based Models
By Kit Farr, M.D., FACC, FNHI
 “mHealth”-enabled patient engagement tools can play a decisive role in reducing financial risk but only if we first think about mHealth and engagement correctly.

November/December 2016 GPJ