Group Practice Journal

April 2016

Follow the ACO Path
And Flourish One Step at a Time
By Gregory Spencer, M.D., and Scott Hines, M.D.
Crystal Run Healthcare leaders offer six strategies for increasing quality and reducing costs while maintaining financial viability and preserving the bottom line.

Publisher’s Comment
Launching Our Next National Campaign-Diabetes: Together 2 Goal®
By Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE

Industry Insights
Improving the Precision of BP Monitoring

In Washington
CMS Proposed Changes to Accountable Care Organization Financial Benchmarking
By David Introcaso, Ph.D.

AMGA 2016 Annual Conference Highlights
Snapshots from the recent event in Orlando, Florida.

Interoperable IT at Atrius Health
A Major Ambulatory ACO Challenge
By Daniel Moriarty
In an ambulatory ACO, IT integration and interoperability with external partners is the primary strategy.

Navigating a Major Market Transition
Direct-to-Employer Marketing and Value-Based Care
By Jack Nightingale
This article offers some important insights about DTE marketing that will help provider groups develop a deeper understanding of the trend and its strategic implications.

Bridging the Volume-to-Value Gap
How to Manage Upsides and Downsides
By Jeb Dunkelberger, M.Sc.
We must build a business plan that supports a predominantly fee-for-service business model and simultaneously develop the competencies needed for future success in value-based reimbursement.

Keep Your Fingers on PQRS Pulse
For Bottom Line Protection Two Years Down the Road
By Marla Harmon and Susan Melkonian
PQRS is evolving so rapidly that smart practice owners and managers know you have to keep your fingers firmly on the pulse of PQRS changes and act quickly.

Foundation Cornerstone
Foundation Changes Name and Logo

Mobile Tools Engage Patients
Connecting People to Useful Data
By Travis Bond
A wide range of mobile tools are becoming available to connect physicians and patients, provide greater access to personal health data, and solve the patient-engagement conundrum.

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