Group Practice Journal

May 2015

Building a Viable Value-Based Model
Eight Steps to Patient-Centered Care
By Bob Kropp, M.D., M.B.A., CHIT, and Jack Lenhart, M.D.
Providers at Lehigh Valley Health Network develop a clear strategy for activating patients and engaging them in their care.

Publisher’s Comment
You Can Advocate on Capitol Hill
By Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE

Industry Insights
Rising Cost of Care for Consumers

In Washington
Medicare Physician Payment Reform Becomes Law
By James J. Miller, M.B.A.

On Shifting Ground
Group/Payer Match Shows Impressive Gains
By John M. Tedeschi, M.D., and Bryan Wellens, M.B.A.
Medical practices can improve patient health and satisfaction, lower overall costs—and earn significant financial rewards—by creating strategic partnerships with commercial insurers.

Long-Term Success in Physician-Led ACOs
Strategies and Funding
By Scott Linthorst
This article offers financial and operational guidelines to assist ACO leaders in securing and making the best use of ACO funds.

Solving Access and Efficiency Challenges: Five Focal Points
By Rose Wagner, R.N., M.H.S., CMPE
How do you identify and solve access and efficiency challenges to meet patient expectations and payer requirements?

Patient-Friendly Billing
Positive Feedback Benefits Patient, Provider
By Randy Blue M.Ed., CRCR
Strategies for developing patient-focused billing involve improved communications, simplified statements, and providing a single point of contact for billing issues.

The New World of Physician Networks
Building an Efficient Cost Structure
By Lisa Ozaeta and Michael Duffy
Effective and efficient networks are not realized through ad hoc design but rather are the product of a well-defined approach.

What Patients Want
Payment Transparency and Convenience
By Cheris Craig
Technology and revised processes enable Urology of Greater Atlanta to improve the entire collections process and reduce cost-to-collect and staff workload while benefitting patients.

Not If or When, but How Fast?
Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle
By Monte Sandler
Trends and reimbursement risks point to the very real possibility of significantly lowered income, as revenue cycle management becomes a mission-critical task to remain financially viable.

Foundation Cornerstone
AMGF Honors Daiichi Sankyo

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