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The Group Practice Journal offers strategies and best practices from the leading medical groups in the country. Penned by healthcare professionals, articles offer dynamic, real-world business solutions to physician leaders and administrators at medical groups nationwide. Readers look to the publication to learn strategies and solutions from peers in the profession, healthcare thought leaders, and industry experts. Topics range from financial operations, contracting strategies, and compensation issues to regulatory compliance, groundbreaking technology, and innovative disease management.


January: Innovation and Technology
Groundbreaking changes and new technology are giving medical groups new tools to help physicians deliver care and engage patients. This issue will focus on ways groups are implementing innovative solutions to clinical and operational challenges.
Submission Deadline: November 14, 2018

February: Leadership
Medical groups all face the challenges of effectively leading in times of crisis and developing leaders within their organizations. This issue will feature exemplary leadership that has revitalized organizations as well as strategies groups are using to build leadership bench strength.
Submission Deadline: December 3, 2018

March: Change Management
In the evolving world of health care, medical groups must constantly reinvent themselves to remain successful. This issue will explore operational strategies for anticipating and managing change.
Submission Deadline: January 9
Bonus Distribution: AMGA 2019 Annual Conference

April: Accountable Care and Risk
As our healthcare system moves from rewarding volume to reimbursing for outcomes, provider organizations are being asked to bear more financial risk. This issue explores operational strategies for thriving in an era of evolving payment models.
Submission Deadline: February 12

May: Reimbursement and Contracting
New reimbursement models are being developed that redefine the responsibilities in insurance and healthcare delivery. This issue will study ways that medical groups can maximize reimbursement.
Submission Deadline: March 8
Bonus Service: AMGA Industry Partner Directory

June: Health Law
Medical group leaders need to be knowledgeable about the evolving laws governing healthcare entities. This issue will examine some of the laws and regulations that will have an impact on medical groups and the way they operate in the coming years.
Submission Deadline: April 9

July/August: Connectivity and Patient Engagement
With new services and technology along with the rise of consumerism, medical groups must find new ways to connect with the various stakeholders in health care. This issue will investigate aspects of this challenge and various stakeholders—vendors, insurers, employers, and most importantly, patients.
Submission Deadline: May 24
Bonus Distribution: AMGA Institute for Quality Leadership

September: Compensation
Medical group leaders nationwide are searching for the “right” formula for physician compensation. This issue will explore effective compensation strategies that have worked for other groups and provide analysis of trends found in the AMGA 2019 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey.
Submission Deadline: July 11
Bonus Distribution: MGMA’s annual conference

October: Population Health
As the industry shifts from volume-based to value-based payment models, medical groups must find new ways to engage and treat patients, especially those with chronic diseases. This issue will explore how groups are addressing the challenges of population health management.
Submission Deadline: August 8

November/December: Operations and Revenue Enhancement
How do you surmount the challenges of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the cost of care? This issue will examine how groups have been able to save money or find new sources of revenue by focusing on their operations, while still improving the quality of the care they deliver.
Submission Deadline: September 26

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