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From Volume to Value
Keys to success the journey into risk-based contracting with MemorialCare Medical Foundation CEO Dr. Mark Schafer
March 2018

In Washington
Removing Barriers to Risk
By Darryl M. Drevna
February 2018

In Washington
A Busy Summer on the Hill for AMGA
By Katherine Sistrunk
July/August 2017

In Washington
AMGA Comments on Proposed Changes to MA and ACA Exchanges
By David Introcaso, Ph.D., and Darryl M. Drevna, M.A.
April 2017

In Washington
AMGA’s 2017 Advocacy Agenda
By the AMGA Public Policy Team
January 2017

In Washington
Things Heat Up on the Hill
By the AMGA Public Policy Department
July/August 2016

In Washington
A Busy Spring in Washington
By James J. Miller, M.B.A., Garrett Eberhardt, and David Introcaso, Ph.D.
May 2016

In Washington
AMGA’s 2016 Advocacy Agenda
By the AMGA Public Policy Department
January 2016

In Washington
AMGA Continues to Fight Medicare Advantage Cuts
By Grant Couch and Karen Ferguson
April 2015

In Washington
Medicare Advantage Rate Cuts Problematic for Patients and Providers Alike
By Garrett Eberhardt
April 2014