AMGA Collaborative for Performance Excellence: Participation Requirements

Participants Provide

Participants Receive

Contractual participation agreement, including BAA, with both AMGA and Optum Analytics

Granular benchmarking including variation by site of care

Three-year collaborative commitment

Regular outreach and support via site visits and calls

Agree to Optum use of de-identified data

Access to an online community for virtual networking and access to other participants between collaborative meetings

C-suite sign off

Access to expert advisors from AMGA member medical groups/health systems

Annual collaborative participation fee to AMGA

Webinars to review benchmark reports and provide education and shared learning

Focused case project within one domain

Guidance for selected case project, including coaching on best practices and overcoming obstacles

Ongoing participation at in-person meetings and during regular webinars

Up to two in-person meetings each year, with travel reimbursement for two attendees