Corporate Partner Membership

Advancing Collaborations for High Performance

What does it mean to be an AMGA Corporate Partner? You are more than just a name on a list. You have opportunities to make lasting connections and establish collaborative partnerships with the leading healthcare organizations in the country. Becoming an AMGA Corporate Partner will help you advance collaborations that empower both you and AMGA members, adding incalculable benefits including:


  • Direct contact with the individuals who make purchase decisions, select vendors, and establish partnerships for the top medical groups in the U.S.

  • Opportunities to collaborate and work alongside key leaders in our field, keeping you and your contributions top-of-mind

  • Discounted access to the venues and events where business relationships develop


What Our Members Say

“Novo Nordisk is proud to be a Chairman’s Circle member of the AMGA Corporate Partner Program and appreciates the multitude of opportunities to engage with some of the largest medical groups and integrated healthcare delivery systems in the U.S. Shaped by industry input, the program offers many benefits to ensure return on relationship and investment.”
– Kristie Raker, Director, Professional Association Relations, Novo Nordisk


Our program puts you in direct contact with the leaders of the largest medical groups, integrated healthcare delivery systems, and ACOs in the U.S. These are the organizations’ decision makers who greenlight purchases and projects, choose vendors, and establish collaborative partnerships.

By joining us, you will have opportunities to develop relationships with these institutions to the degree you feel best suits your needs. More than just an opportunity to list your name next to other firms with similar interests, you work side-by side with your desired market.

We will help you continue to develop and expand your healthcare programs, products, and services with direct provider input, cutting-edge information and research, regular accessibility to the nation’s healthcare leaders, and a true partnership within one of the most influential healthcare trade associations in the country.