AMGA Foundation Vision 2025

Picture an America where…

More people than ever before have quality, affordable care regardless of their income, background, and ZIP code.

Many enjoy longer lives free of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other preventable chronic conditions.

Doctors, researchers, and health professionals nationwide—from esteemed universities to leading corporations—collaborate on health­care practices, accelerating the launch of innovations for treatment and prevention.

Our economy saves billions of dollars on health care every year.

We make this vision a reality.

Vision 2025, the product of AMGA Foundation’s strategic planning process, leverages our reach, credibility, and impact—empowering our members to deliver value-driven care to even more patients, their families, and their communities.

Four Pathways to This Bold Goal: Together We Will Realize Our Vision

  1. Advance Best Practices through Chronic Disease Collaboration. To reach 100 million Americans by 2025, we must support our full network of 440 medical groups and health systems with tools and training, knowledge-sharing, and data analytics.
    • Recognize High Levels of Performance
    • Continue the Acclaim Award, which rewards medical groups and other organized systems of care
    • Amplify National Campaigns
    • Include more medical groups and health systems
    • Expand partnerships with stakeholder organizations
    • Enhance community and patient engagement tactics
  2. Develop Community Research and Partnerships. As we transform healthcare delivery, we must tackle the social determinants, disparities, and environmental factors behind high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, obesity, and more.
    • Create pilot community programs in select areas, leveraging AMGA members expertise
    • Incorporate a broad community focus into current Foundation programs
  3. Engage Patients and Families. Implement training to help people be proactive agents in their own care — managing and preventing chronic conditions.
    • Work directly with AMGA’s 440 members to prevent chronic disease and screen for risk factors
    • Create an AMGA Patient and Family Advisory Council
  4. Innovate New Care Models and Synergies. Collaborate with innovators in industry, academia, the insurance sector, and other areas of health care to keep our efforts on track with the latest priorities, technologies, and thinking to further accelerate our progress.
    • Create resource library of care model innovations
    • Conduct an annual symposium on care model innovations
    • Engage more medical groups and systems with new approaches, such as virtual roundtables and incentives to achieve higher performance levels