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The CEO/Board Chair/President Leadership Council is a specialized community that connects the top leaders from AMGA group members. This private advisory forum allows executives to crowdsource solutions, showcase expertise, and strengthen networks. Members have access to:

  • A discussion list to instantly tap into the Council's collective knowledge and experience
  • A resource library of archived policies, procedures, presentations, and more
  • Face-to-face meetings and webinars that put peer learning and discussion front and center

The current chair of the Council is Theresa Frei, MBA, RN (Chief Executive Officer, Sutter Valley Medical Foundation) with Mike Rossi, MD, MBA (President, Lehigh Valley Physician Group) serving as the chair elect.


What Our Members Say

"As a long-time member and recent Chair of the CEO Council, I can say that the meetings are a highlight of my year for a couple reasons.  First, the chance to meet other CEOs from around the country who are knowledgeable and dealing with the same issues we are dealing with allows for a great exchange of ideas.  Second, the AMGA always brings in good speakers on topics that are requested by the Councils, which prompts us to all think about new issues or old issues in new ways.  Finally, the ability to talk to the AMGA legislative staff always adds perspective on what is happening in DC and where the puck is going, which gives us the ability to skate in that direction."
-Glenn A. Loomis, MD, MSHM; President; Health Quest Medical Practice


To ensure the Council focuses on members’ needs, they nominate the leadership, select the topics, and often lead the discussions. Popular topics raised by members include:

  • Transitioning an organization from volume to value
  • Unifying culture after a merger, acquisition, or other similar event
  • Strategic cost management
  • Risk-based contracting

The CEO/Board Chair/President Council is a great opportunity to benchmark your group against similar organizations and a valuable resource to learn where your strategies and tactics may need to change.