Transforming Chronic Care

AMGA and ITN Productions are continuing their partnership by launching the Transforming Chronic Care news program, an in-depth feature specifically aimed at those within the healthcare sector. This news program complements the AMGA Foundation's Chronic Care Challenge initiative, which is dedicated to engaging healthcare systems, providers, patients, employers, and the entire nation in efforts to improve the management of specific chronic diseases.

Nearly half of all Americans have at least one chronic disease that affects their quality of life. Such diseases are often preventable, and frequently manageable through early detection, improved diet and exercise, and treatment therapy.

Transforming Chronic Care explores how the healthcare community can collaborate to enable people to manage their conditions, empowering them to take control of their health. We also examine innovative ways of identifying those at high risk and preventing the onset of chronic conditions―the result being a healthier population and significant healthcare cost savings.

2015 AMGA "High-Performing Health" News Program

In a unique communications partnership, AMGA and ITN Productions have a produced a news style program exploring the work being done across the nation to achieve the triple aim of improving the health of populations and the patient experience at a lower cost.

High-Performing Health is a combination of interviews, news items, and sponsored editorial profiles focusing on innovative ideas to improve outcomes, progressive ways of identifying those at high risk in the community, and managing the transition to a value-based payment model. We also look at the use of data and technology to enhance efficiency, patient engagement, and clinical outcomes.

The content is now available to all AMGA members and stakeholders. We urge you to share this vital content and engage your patients and the entire healthcare community to improve the health of our nation.