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April 24, 2017

AMGA Calls on CMS to Reduce Provider Burden by Aligning Payment Across Medicare Programs

Alexandria, VA – AMGA encouraged the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to reduce provider burden by aligning regulations across Medicare Advantage, the Medicare Shared Savings Program, and Fee-For-Service Medicare. In comments on CMS’ Calendar Year 2018 Medicare Advantage final notice, which solicited ideas on regulatory reforms related to benefit design, operations, and protecting the doctor-patient relationship, AMGA highlighted the need to reduce the burden on providers and patients that stem from different regulations that vary based on the type of Medicare benefit beneficiaries have selected. Instead, AMGA supports aligning payment rules, which MedPAC has noted would foster competition and provide the best value.

“AMGA members are focused on providing the best care, and variation among CMS programs creates unnecessary impediments,” said Chester A. Speed, J.D., LL.M., AMGA vice president, public policy. “Unfortunately, depending on what type of Medicare coverage a patient has, the regulations governing coverage, payment, and quality reporting can vary dramatically. This creates an administrative burden that doesn’t serve the patient, the provider, or Medicare, itself.”

In its letter, AMGA also addressed using financial incentives to promote quality improvement. “Care coordination and collaboration, which are the foundation of the model of care championed by AMGA members, are going to drive quality improvements,” Speed said. “We’re focused on not only meeting patient needs, but also listening to beneficiaries’ needs, preferences, and values. In this current regulatory environment, financial incentives do not necessarily support these aims.”

AMGA’s letter is available on our website.

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