Donor Spotlight on Don Wreden, M.D.

Don Wreden, M.D. Don Wreden, M.D., is Senior Vice President for Patient Experience at Sutter Health. He is a physician board-certified in Internal Medicine and previously served as President and CEO at Sutter Medical Group (SMG). Sutter Health has participated in Measure Up/Pressure Down® and the Together 2 Goal® national campaigns. In 2015, Dr. Wreden served as Board Chair for AMGA. Dr. Wreden is an early supporter to make a generous pledge to the Campaign for a Healthier America, AMGA Foundation’s initiative to raise funds for the implementation of our strategic vision, Vision 2025.

AMGA Foundation: As the leader of a major health system that has a history of participating in AMGA Foundation’s national campaigns to create better outcomes for patients with high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, please give an example of 1-2 ways that AMGA Foundation is changing the Patient experience in America.

Wreden: AMGA Foundation has the unique opportunity to capture the collective wisdom and expertise of multiple high performing healthcare organizations in very diverse environments across the US. Through this connection, we have been able to enhance the experience of the patients we serve directly, in addition to enhancing the “triple aim” for others across the country.

AMGA Foundation: Please describe Sutter Health’s strategic plan for continuing to engage patients and communities in the coming years. How can AMGA Foundation—through Vision 2025—support this plan?

Wreden: Sutter Health has identified reduction of healthcare inequities as a strategic priority. The strategic vision of AMGA Foundation will support and inspire this work through sharing of best practices and knowledge from multiple diverse environments.

AMGA Foundation: Why would you encourage other health leaders to join you in supporting the Campaign for a Healthier America?

Wreden: Campaign for a Healthier America is an absolutely unique opportunity to leverage the wisdom, commitment, and expertise of high performing healthcare systems across the country to effectively address the most vexing problems in healthcare! There are none better suited to create a Healthier America than us, and the time is now.