Donor Spotlight on Larry Tatum, M.D.

Larry Tatum, M.D. Dr. Larry Tatum serves as the CEO of Privia Medical Group - North Texas. As a founding member of Texas Health Care, PLLC, in 2003 and a member of Texas Health Care, PA from 1995 to 2002, Dr. Tatum has experienced the value and success of a multispecialty group governed and led by physicians. Privia Medical Group- North Texas participates in the Together 2 Goal® national campaign and Dr. Tatum is a member of the AMGA Board of Directors. Dr. Tatum was one of the first individuals to pledge his generous support of the Campaign for a Healthier America, AMGA Foundation’s initiative to raise funds for the implementation of our strategic vision, Vision 2025.

AMGA Foundation: How has participating in Together 2 Goal® and other AMGA Foundation initiatives driven positive outcomes for patients with Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions at Privia Medical Group?

Tatum: Healthcare is personal, and therefore requires all parties to work together to give the patient the best care possible. Having access to shared data-sets to align on best practices allows us to be more effective in providing that high-standard of care to individual patients.

AMGA Foundation: How will Privia Medical Group address the chronic and secondary conditions most relevant to your patient populations in the coming years? How can AMGA Foundation—through Vision 2025—fortify these efforts?  

Tatum: Privia Medical Group of North Texas is a multi-specialty group committed to the well-being of our patients.  Shared learning, best practices and data help contribute to the control of such diseases as hypertension and diabetes.  AMGA Foundation, through the Vision 2025 initiative, will be uniquely situated to assist with at least part of the infrastructure needed to support these efforts.

AMGA Foundation: Why do you believe Vision 2025 and the Campaign for a Healthier America are important initiatives to support at this time?

Tatum: Too many times in medicine, we as physicians spend our lives in silos, taking care of individual patients in individual medical groups without communicating with each other and other experts around us.  The opportunity to participate in such a collaborative effort with AMGA to share data and best practices takes our blinders off and allows us to be something bigger than ourselves when caring for these populations.