Donor Spotlight on Francis R. Colangelo, M.D., M.S.-HQS, FACP

Dr. Colangelo (lower right corner) with Premier Medical Associates’ diabetes team participating in the 2018 Together 2 Goal® National Day of Action
Dr. Colangelo (lower right corner) with Premier Medical Associates’ diabetes team participating in the 2018 Together 2 Goal® National Day of Action

This month’s Donor Spotlight features Francis R. Colangelo, M.D., M.S.-HQS, FACP, chief quality officer at Premier Medical Associates in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Colangelo has spearheaded Premier Medical Associates’ participation in numerous AMGA Foundation initiatives to identify and implement best practices for managing a range of chronic and preventable conditions, including cardiovascular disease, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, and more. Additionally, Premier Medical Associates was the recipient of the 2016 Acclaim Award. AMGA Foundation sat down with Dr. Colangelo and asked him about the work he and his organization are doing with the Foundation.

AMGA Foundation: Premier Medical Associates has done great work in our Together 2 Goal® Campaign, particularly as a participant in the CVD Cohort of the Innovator Track. Please share a story about how participating in the campaign has changed outcomes for Premier’s patients with Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Colangelo: Provider adherence to evidence based guidelines has definitely improved, especially in regards to using the proper intensity of statin and in choice of medicines that have recently been shown to improve cardiac outcomes for patients with diabetes and CVD. It is unlikely that this change would have occurred without the focus on these topics thanks to the practice’s innovator track participation. It is hoped that in the long run, Premier’s patients with diabetes and CVD will have improved clinical outcomes and reduced overall cost of care.

AMGA Foundation: In your opinion, how is AMGA Foundation changing the course of chronic and preventable diseases in the U.S.?

Colangelo: AMGA Foundation’s work is so important for preventing and improving the course of chronic diseases in the U.S. because of the large reach of its member groups, which provide medical care for nearly one third of Americans. The Foundation sets goals for care improvement and provides resources and best practice sharing opportunities to help participant groups achieve those goals. Medical issues related to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity already account for a significant part of medical spend in the U.S. The enhanced care provided to large numbers of these patients should result in improved medical outcomes.

AMGA Foundation: Over the past couple of years, you have become one of our most consistent annual fund donors, in addition to being a stellar program participant. What are your personal reasons for championing AMGA Foundation? Why would you encourage others to donate?

Colangelo: I have personally participated in a number of the chronic care initiatives and best practice learning opportunities sponsored by the Foundation on behalf of Premier and have seen firsthand the excellence of each activity. These positive experiences have led me to believe that the Foundation’s goal of improving 100 million American lives by 2025 is realistic. I hope that my annual fund donations can play a role in achieving that impressive goal, and I encourage others who participate in AMGA Foundation’s activities to consider supporting the Foundation, too.