Donor Spotlight on Beth Averbeck, M.D.

Beth Averbeck, M.D.Dr. Averbeck is HealthPartners Care Group’s senior medical director, primary care. She joined HealthPartners in 1992 as a practicing internist and is now responsible for HealthPartners’ primary care practice overseeing 350 providers and maintains a clinical practice in geriatrics. She has served as chair of the Quality Council of the AMGA and, in 2018, joined AMGA’s Board of Directors. She is a model supporter of AMGA Foundation’s programs and recently gave a Cabinet Leadership gift in support of the Campaign for a Healthier America.

AMGA Foundation: As a current AMGA Board member, what is your personal connection to the work that AMGA and the Foundation are doing to change the trajectory of chronic disease in America?

Averbeck: AMGA members provide care for patients across the United States. The Foundation has helped identify clinical care opportunities and provide support for groups to come together, collaborate, and then share best practices to help accelerate improvement. This gets highlighted in conferences and in publications so that other medical groups can help their patients benefit as well.

AMGA Foundation: How has HealthPartners Care Group’s involvement in Together 2 Goal® driven positive outcomes for patients with Type 2 diabetes? 

Averbeck: We have been able to compare our results with other medical groups and through the Together 2 Goalâ forums, learn from other medical groups strategies that have helped improve care.

AMGA Foundation: What particular challenges does HealthPartners Care Group face when providing care to patients with chronic and preventable conditions and how can the Foundation, through our Campaign for a Healthier America, advance solutions for these challenges?

Averbeck: I think similar to other medical groups, we have done well on process and our next opportunity is to engage patients in ways that are meaningful to them to achieve their care goals. We also care for a culturally diverse population, and we have a commitment to our patients to reduce and eliminate any disparities. Even though HealthPartners has 95% success and no disparities in terms of successfully implementing process measures, there are still disparities related to Hgb A1C control, hypertension management, and other patient care goals.

HealthPartners will look to the Campaign for a Healthier America to provide a continuum of solutions reaching from the successful implementation of process measures to driving patient and community engagement to eliminate disparities and accelerate outcomes.

AMGA Foundation: Why would you recommend other healthcare leaders to invest in the Campaign for a Healthier America?

Averbeck: Investing in the Campaign for a Healthier America will help us have a collective voice and collective resources to identify areas where we can collaborate to accelerate care together faster than we could as individual organizations.