Donor Spotlight on Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott Kevin McDermott has been active with both AMGA and AMGA Foundation for more than a decade attending key meetings, participating in corporate events and serving on the Measure Up/Pressure Down® Steering Committee. Currently he serves on AMGA Foundation’s Board of Directors.

AMGA Foundation: You were involved when we launched our first national campaign, Measure Up/Pressure Down®. What benefits did this first quality initiative provide to our members?

McDermott: Measure Up/Pressure Down® demonstrated the incredible imagination of AMGA members to tackle the tough issues with a “why not?” attitude. It proves when you harness individual insights and share proven best practices, great things can happen for the health of our country.

AMGA Foundation: How do you think Together 2 Goal® and future campaigns will impact healthcare?

McDermott: These campaigns will change how we care for chronic conditions, continuing to develop and grow even after the 3-year launch period. The campaigns are building the “muscle memory” of organizations to make manageable changes resulting in ongoing meaningful outcomes.

AMGA Foundation: You have been involved with AMGA and AMGA Foundation for over ten years–including serving as a Foundation Director and Officer for part of this time. What value do you feel AMGA Foundation has provided to you as a corporate partner during this time?

McDermott: From a corporate perspective, to be able to sit around a table and hear what is really getting in the way of higher quality care—that’s where the industry needs to be. As a result of my involvement with AMGA Foundation, the companies I’ve worked for have grown in their appreciation of the effort it takes to achieve change on the provider side and how our products and education need to align with the priorities of the member groups.  When you can show empathy for the challenges of the groups and modify your approaches accordingly, it’s amazing to see the difference in receptivity.

AMGA Foundation: What do you think AMGA Foundation brings to the table amidst our dynamically-changing healthcare environment?

McDermott: The model is powerful for tackling chronic conditions: test out things in the collaboration phase and then tackle via a national campaign. It’s a dynamic platform where organizations can pick and choose approaches. The  data measurement component is leading edge in today’s environment.

AMGA Foundation: Why would you encourage others to get involved with AMGA Foundation?

McDermott: AMGA Foundation is about patient-centricity and innovation. I enjoy every opportunity to convene with the AMGA Foundation Board and fellow program participants—at Corporate Roundtables and the Annual Meeting—feeling the passion and real change happen right before my eyes.