Robert W. Brenner, M.D., MMM  Robert W. Brenner, M.D., MMM, is senior vice president and chief physician executive at Valley Health System, a regional healthcare system that serves residents in northern New Jersey and southern New York. Prior to this position, he served as chief medical officer of Summit Medical Group for eight years, where he played an integral role in addressing top healthcare challenges. Dr. Brenner is sought out for his presentations on healthcare reform and the impact on patients and physicians, value in health care, patient satisfaction, preventive medicine, effective healthcare systems, multispecialty group practices, practice management, and the meaningful use of health information technologies. Dr. Brenner serves on the AMGA Foundation Board and was on the Advisory Committee for the Best Practices in Managing Patients with Heart Failure Learning Collaborative. 

Why did you decide to get involved with the Foundation?

There are three words in the Foundation’s vision that moved me to become involved: catalyst, connector, and collaborator. As a physician and leader of a growing and award-winning medical group/healthcare system, I hope to spark my fellow physicians to connect and collaborate with each other to improve the health and well-being of the population we serve. When I came to understand the Foundation’s goal of bringing providers across the country together to connect and collaborate to enhance the lives of millions, I knew I had to be involved, and it is by far the most rewarding board I have served on.

What impact do you think the Foundation has on health care?

The short answer is “infinite.” Through the Foundation’s work, we have literally impacted the health of millions of patients throughout the country. By offering our AMGA members—who treat 1 in 3 Americans—the support through evidence-based research, data, technology, and innovative solutions to effectively manage many of the most challenging health problems we face, we have the ability to touch countless lives, both in this generation and in many to come.

How has the Foundation impacted Valley Health System?

Our engagement with AMGA Foundation has afforded Valley Health System the ability to improve the care for our patient population and set us on the path to becoming an increasingly high-performing medical group. We have embraced two significant AMGA Foundation initiatives, Measure Up/Pressure Down® and Together 2 Goal®. We have received direct coaching to facilitate the implementation, quarterly reports, webinars, and educational materials, all great resources in adding to the success of these initiatives. The Valley Health System also participated in the Best Practices in Managing Patients with Heart Failure Learning Collaborative, enabling us to be a part of the development of an initiative from the beginning. The sharing of ideas and group learning was palpable.

Why would you encourage others to support the Foundation?

I cannot think of another organization that has the potential to impact such a large number of individuals. By supporting the Foundation, you have the opportunity to play a role in the development of research and resulting best practices in care that could impact an immeasurable number of patients. The other reason I encourage people to become involved with the Foundation is the stellar results the organization is able to report. I think people want to know their support makes a real difference, and with the AMGA Foundation, there are so many great stories to tell, past, present, and future.