Donor Spotlight on Theresa Manley Frei, R.N., M.B.A.

Theresa Manley Frei, R.N., M.B.A. 

Theresa Manley Frei, R.N., M.B.A., is the chief executive officer for Sutter Medical Foundation, where she oversees all activities of the care centers and ancillary operations across nine counties. Ms. Frei was elected to the AMGA Foundation Board in 2016 and has been active in helping to shape Foundation programs and also served on the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala Advisory Committee. Sutter Medical Foundation has participated in both Measure Up/Pressure Down® (MUPD) and Together 2 Goal® (T2G). Ms. Frei knows firsthand how instrumental our model of healthcare delivery is to enhancing quality care and improving the lives of our patients.

Amga Foundation: What inspired you to get involved with the Foundation?

Frei: Sutter Health has a long history of being part of AMGA, and Sutter Medical Foundation is one of the founding organizations. When I first assumed the role of SMF COO, I attended a community-based initiative in which Jerry Penso presented the Measure Up/Pressure Down® campaign. I was so impressed with the comprehensive nature of evaluating all patients, and not just a segment of the population. We assembled a team and joined the effort.

Amga Foundation: What Foundation program has most impacted Sutter Medical Foundation?

Frei: Measure Up/Pressure Down® really highlighted a gap in how we evaluated all patients. It made us look at our processes to commit to measuring blood pressures in all patients, including patients perceived to be healthy, regardless of where they are being seen. The clinicians helped design the process, and we invested in equipment to ensure the accuracy of our measurements. We are now able to focus on managing patients who have been identified with hypertension. Measure Up/Pressure Down® was the beginning!

Amga Foundation: Why do you think it is important for AMGA medical groups to engage with the Foundation?

Frei: The collaborative learning process and tools that are provided enhance the adoption and spread of best practices. We learn together and improve the lives of the diverse communities we serve across the U.S.

Amga Foundation: How do you see AMGA and the Foundation improving health care for our patients?

Frei: The ongoing partnership with front-line clinicians, patients, communities, and other agencies in addressing the gaps in our health system will truly allow any organization to become a high-performing organization.

Amga Foundation: Why do you encourage other healthcare leaders to participate in Vision 2025?

Frei: AMGA Foundation’s collaborative model is helping member groups bring best practices to the front lines and driving outcomes faster than ever before. Thanks to our participation in Measure Up/Pressure Down®, Sutter Medical Foundation is approaching best decile in blood pressure control rates. Vision 2025 expands on the proven collaborative model so we can engage more frontline clinicians and teams in improving health outcomes, and reducing the cost of health care.