Donor Spotlight 

Our donor spotlight highlights an AMGA Foundation donor who has made significant contributions to support the Foundation's work.

Grace Terrell, M.D., M.M.M., CPE, FACP 

Grace Terrell, M.D., M.M.M., CPE, FACP, is founder and strategist at Cornerstone Health Enablement Strategic Solutions (CHESS). She serves on the board of AMGA and as the board liaison to the AMGA Foundation Board of Directors. Dr. Terrell previously served as chief executive officer of Cornerstone Health Care, P.A., a multispecialty medical group in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina with more than 370 providers and 1,800 employees who practice at 15 separate hospitals. 

Dr. Terrell has been very generous to AMGA Foundation, in both a personal and professional capacity. At Cornerstone, she led the group to win the 2015 Acclaim Award and participated in Measure Up/Pressure Down®, Together 2 Goal®, and the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Heart Failure Collaboratives.

Why did you initially get involved with AMGA and AMGA Foundation?

Cornerstone began in the mid-1990s. By 2000, the year I first became President of the group, we were at a stage where we were ready to interact with others in group practice at the national level and learn from them. David Glazer, our regional AMGA representative, came and made a pitch to us at a board meeting. A few members of the management team and I decided to attend the Annual Conference and we were just blown away. We have learned so much through the years from our colleagues around the country.

As far as the Foundation goes, I am incredibly grateful for all we have gained from our participation in AMGA all these years. When I became aware of a charitable arm of AMGA, I became very interested in being able to give something back. The types of programs the Foundation has supported through the years has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. It's a no-brainer for me to give to the Foundation.

What program have you enjoyed working on the most with the Foundation?

From a program point of view, it would be Measure Up/Pressure Down®, because it was such a blast to see medical groups from all over the country focused on a quality initiative in the ambulatory setting. Most national quality initiatives up to that point had been inpatient-focused, such as the Million Lives campaign. Measure Up/Pressure Down® was a great example of what medical groups across the country can set their minds to and accomplish together.

How do you see AMGA and the Foundation shaping the future of health care?

The criteria of the High-Performing Health System sets the standard for how our continuously-evolving healthcare delivery system ought to evolve, irrespective of the political winds in Washington or our state governments. AMGA's culture of sharing knowledge and of creating standards of achieving high performance, such as through the Foundation's Acclaim Award, will be crucial in healthcare delivery improvement.

What is important for our members to know about the Foundation?

AMGA Foundation serves as the crucible that supports the culture of high performance in our healthcare delivery system. This indispensable mission is more crucial than ever for the patients we care for across the nation.