Donor Spotlight 

Our donor spotlight highlights an AMGA Foundation donor who has made significant contributions to support the Foundation's work.

Martine Thurin, J.D., M.S. 

Martine Thurin, J.D., M.S., is the group product director for metabolics at Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson & Johnson. In this capacity, she is primarily responsible for ensuring the access and reimbursement for Janssen diabetes products. Another integral aspect of her responsibilities involves the development of collaborative solutions with payers and population health managers to support patient education and engagement. 

Ms. Thurin has been an instrumental participant in the Foundation’s Chronic Care Roundtable and in Diabetes: Together 2 Goal®. Johnson & Johnson also has contributed $1 million to support Together 2 Goal® and is a Principal Corporate Collaborator for the campaign.

Why do you participate in the Chronic Care Roundtable (CCR)?

I participate in the CCR because it’s a great opportunity to engage with other stakeholders within the healthcare system, from healthcare providers to health systems and payers, and to hear some of the challenges that we’re all facing and help to specifically address the issues around diabetes. I’m always impressed by the caliber of the individuals that participate in the CCR and I often learn a lot. It’s a great experience.

What excites you about Together 2 Goal®?

Together 2 Goal® for me is very exciting because I have a family history of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes. So to have this particular initiative really focused on improving the care and outcomes for patients with Type 2 diabetes is something that I appreciate personally. And it really allows us as manufacturers – I’m with Johnson & Johnson – to make a difference for patients and to be on the front lines helping out with patients in a more comprehensive way. The Together 2 Goal® initiative is really exciting and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

What impact do you see AMGA Foundation having on the battle against chronic care illnesses?

I think that the impact that the AMGA Foundation can have on chronic illness is significant. I am familiar with the MU/PD initiative, where they were able to impact the lives of half a million patients with high blood pressure, and so I think that because of the commitment of the organization, the Foundation, as well as the membership, they will definitely be able to have a significant impact on people with diabetes with this particular initiative.

And, finally, why do you support the AMGA Foundation?

They do great work. I think it’s a great group of individuals I’ve had the opportunity to meet, and it’s really simple: their focus is in the right place and it’s all about getting results. That’s the reason we support.