AMGA Analytics

AMGA Analytics is AMGA's collaborative for improving population health through comparative clinical analytics, conducted in partnership with Humedica, an Optum company. Humedica provides unparalleled clinical analytics, which AMGA Analytics uses as a springboard for collaborative shared learning. Our goal is better health outcomes at lower overall cost. We focus on ambulatory care for patients with chronic conditions, who collectively account for more than 70 percent of ambulatory work RVUs.

Focusing on ambulatory care for chronic conditions—especially the majority of such patients who have multiple chronic conditions—AMGA Analytics creates provocative analyses, looking at the relationships among care processes, clinical outcomes and (standardized) cost.

A consistent theme emerges from the comparative data: We see some differences across medical groups in patient outcomes, but there’s much greater variation in the care processes by which those outcomes are achieved—and thus in cost. There are big differences in the use of costly medications and expensive procedures, in the number of office visits, and in the use of specialists. Also in how care teams are organized and in how patients are educated and engaged. Although most groups are carefully monitoring outcomes, they may not be aware of these substantial differences in care process and cost.

Even with elegant analytics, optimal care processes won’t just fall out of the data. Some outcomes and some aspects of care are reflected only indirectly in the data, even the detailed EHR data. But apples-to-apples comparisons can highlight groups with superior performance in various aspects of care. Anceta brings groups together to learn "the rest of the story" from each other. We use the data to determine what to improve, and we facilitate shared learning about how to improve.