Donor Spotlight on Scott D. Hayworth, M.D.

Scott D. Hayworth, M.D. Scott Hayworth, M.D., has been president and chief executive officer at CareMount Medical, PC, one of the largest multispecialty medical groups in New York, for more than 20 years, having started in practice there in 1988. Dr. Hayworth has overseen a more than tenfold expansion in the size of CareMount, from 40 physicians to more than 450 at 43 sites throughout the Hudson Valley, and he has earned a national reputation as an authority on practice administration; multispecialty group management; and adaptation to the rapidly changing environment in health care.

AMGA Foundation: Your leadership and involvement with AMGA and the Foundation is deep—as the Chair for the AMGA board of directors in 2011, the AMGA board liaison to AMGA Foundation, and an AMGA board member from 2005-2012. Since you have been involved, what is the most significant contribution the Foundation has made to improve health care for our patients?

Hayworth: AMGA Foundation has offered the nation's healthcare community succinct data and focused research to improve the lives of our patients. The original Anceta program (later AMGA Analytics) offered an incredible contribution to the care of hypertensive and diabetic patients. AMGA Foundation was an early adopter of using big data sets to change outcomes. For me, being able to look at what my peers are doing and learning how to affect outcomes helps CareMount to improve care for our patients.

AMGA Foundation: How has CareMount's participation in the Measure Up/Pressure Down® and Together 2 Goal® national campaigns improved outcomes for the patients you provide care for?

Hayworth: Using the collaborative work of these campaigns, CareMount focused on getting our hypertensive patients’ blood pressure under control. We focused on better training for our staff while simultaneously educating our patients on how to take their own blood pressure. We also looked at how to use inexpensive, but highly effective medications within our practices. Despite the multitude of conditions our physicians treat every day, AMGA proved to us that by working with the campaigns and collaboratives, we could prevent long-term, chronic, poor outcomes both in our New York practice and nationally.

AMGA Foundation: CareMount Medical, P.C., formerly Mount Kisco Medical Group, has been a loyal supporter for many years under your leadership. You have also been one of our most active and loyal donors. Why would you encourage other healthcare leaders to support AMGA Foundation—not only as an organization, but as an individual?

Hayworth: Collaboration is the key component—by getting together with our peers, comparing best practices, reviewing data, and communicating successes and failures, we are more thoroughly and conveniently able to care for our patients. Without having adequate funds, the Foundation can't fulfill its mission of improving care for Americans while trying to bend the cost curve.

AMGA Foundation: Recently, you gave a very generous gift in support of AMGA Foundation's strategic vision. How do you envision AMGA Foundation empowering its members in years to come to create a healthier America?

Hayworth: It is my vision that, through the Foundation, physicians and medical groups are better able to measure themselves against their peers with the ultimate goal to improve the care of our patients. Together with the Foundation, we have the ability to impact the health of masses of patients and entire populations.