AMGA Analytics for Improvement (A4i)

A collaborative for improving population health through comparative clinical analytics, conducted in partnership with Optum, providing unparalleled clinical analytics, which A4i uses as a springboard for collaborative shared learning.

Interested in learning more, please contact Jill Powelson or Cindy Shekailo.


A4inFocus: Improving Diabetes Bundle Measure Performance
We are pleased to announce a call for participation to A4i members already participating in Together 2 Goal to join the first-ever A4inFocus learning collaborative. The topic is improving diabetes bundle measure performance as part of the Together 2 Goal campaign. Bundle performance is much lower than any individual measure, but fully one-third of patients out of control on the bundle are out of control on just one measure. This initiative will provide resources and support focused on bringing all of your diabetes bundle quality measures to goal.