Social Media Toolkit

Leveraging social media for the AMGA 2019 Annual Conference helps us reach meeting participants and other interested healthcare leaders. We hope you’ll consider mentioning your participation in the conference and your experience onsite in your social media posts to spread the word.


AMGA 2019 Annual Conference
March 27-30, 2019
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD: @GaylordNational

Suggested Actions

  • Include our official hashtag, #AC19, in posts before, during, and after the conference
  • Tag AMGA using our handles:
  • Share your breakout session details or booth number before the conference with your followers
  • Join the conversation during the conference by posting highlights or retweeting our posts in real-time; consider taking photos during sessions and sharing quotes or takeaways
  • Add videos and photos (we’ve included some images for your use below) to your posts for visual interest
  • Tag speakers’ handles in your tweets. A list of handles can be found here.


For your convenience, we’ve included sample posts for you to use. These posts are Twitter-ready, but can be repurposed for use across all social media channels.

Before the Conference

  • Strong physician leadership is essential for moving medical groups closer to their goals. I’m looking forward to @theAMGA #AC19 sessions on building a leadership development pipeline. [ADJUST FOR YOUR INTERESTS]
  • Today, leaders from [YOUR ORGANIZATION] are connecting with our elected officials during @theAMGA Capitol Hill Day to discuss current healthcare legislation’s effect on [YOUR STATE]’s patients and providers.
  • Excited to see current healthcare industry peers and make new connections at @theAMGA’s 2019 Annual Conference! #AC19
  • Looking forward to hearing ZDoggMD discuss his ideal model of care, Health 3.0, during @theAMGA #AC19 opening keynote session!:

During the Conference

  • Just arrived in National Harbor, MD for @theamga’s 2019 Annual Conference. Looking forward to a week of learning! #AC19
  • Attending educational sessions on everything from #telemedicine and tech, care delivery, #physicianburnout, and more. #AC19
  • Honored to join thousands of #healthcare leaders at @theamga’s Annual Conference to better our nation’s approach to delivering high quality health care. #AC19
  • Learning valuable lessons from @DHMovementCEO about promoting employee happiness in the workplace and reinvigorating physicians who may be burned out. #AC19
  • The opacity of today’s healthcare system renders patients wary of providers. #AC19 keynote speaker, @MartyMakary is providing valuable lessons on how to instill a greater sense of trust through transparency.
  • #AC19 speaker @sklasko makes a strong case for the U.S. healthcare system to borrow models used by other countries and other U.S. industries.

For Speakers

  • Excited to share my knowledge of [INSERT TOPIC] with @theAMGA 2019 Annual Conference attendees as one of this year’s speakers! #AC19
  • Honored to be on the agenda at @theAMGA’s 2019 Annual Conference, where I’ll be sharing strategies and solutions on [INSERT TOPIC] with my fellow healthcare leaders. Attendees, join me in [ROOM] on [DATE/TIME]! #AC19

For Exhibitors

  • Stop by during #AC19 exhibit hall hours to learn more about [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE/ETC.] Visit us at booth #[INSERT NUMBER] in the exhibit hall!
  • #AC19 attendees, stop by booth [INSERT NUMBER] in the exhibit hall to connect with us and learn about how to advance your [INSERT WHAT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE/ETC. CAN HELP MEDICAL GROUPS ACHIEVE]. We’ll be here through Saturday morning!

Twitter Handles:

For your reference while tweeting about the conference, Twitter handles for speakers, staff, and Board members can be found here.


The following banners have been appropriately sized for each social media channel, based on image dimensions. Please consider adding a banner to your posts to add visual interest. To download the image on a computer, please right click the image and select “Save Image As…” To download the image from your phone or tablet, press and hold the image and select “Save Image.”


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Questions? Please contact Matt Clarke via email or by phone at or 703.838.0033 ext. 365.